To launch a startup we begin from the base, evaluating the business idea and the channels to give it the necessary boost. In case it is a small or medium consolidated company, we give them the necessary tools and know-how to accelerate their growth: optimization of processes, increase in the value of the company and generation of employment. When the company has reached an adequate size, we study the possibility of transferring it to funds with greater investment capacity ensuring a continued and exponential growth.
We seek innovation in all processes of the value chain and production, supporting entrepreneurship from within, allowing the human teams that comprise them to contribute their management capacity and grow together with the company. Applying improvements that allow us to obtain differentiating products or services, we willhelp our companies to be successful and with a bright future. These are the core values ​​that we apply together with the effort and passion that characterizes us. We create highly qualified and motivated management teams for each project, we provide important financial resources and solid institutional relationships built over years of managerial excellence.
Beyond our needs and financial objectives, our great responsibility is to improve the quality of life of the people we can reach to achieve our goal of generating great changes from small actions. We invest on projects and companies from Spain, Latin America and Africa with a valuable history behind, with potential for the future and that offer our investors a growing and sustained profitability over time. Our projects and companies are focused on six strategic sectors; the agri-food sector, transport and technological innovation, health and retail.
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