We are convinced that business should be done with a set of ethical principles, and the only way to consolidate businesses in the long term, aside from achieving set goals, is to apply a management method developed by the founder of ICW, known as RIE. The model is based on the Reinvention of businesses through Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Innovating in all the processes of the value and production chain, supporting entrepreneurship from within allowing the teams to contribute their management capacity. This process subsequently allows them to grow with the company.

By applying improvements resulting in a unique product or service, we will succeed in ensuring our company’s success while staying within a given time period. These are fundamental values that we apply along with the passion and effort that characterizes us.
In order to do this, we create management teams that are highly qualified and motivated for each project. We contribute with significant financial resources and solid institutional relations that have been built throughout the years with excellent management.

Beyond our needs and financial objectives, our great responsibility consists of improving the quality of life of the people that we can reach out to. We aim to do this in order to achieve our goal of CHANGING THE WORLD through small scale changes.

We contribute with projects and companies in Spain, Latin America and Africa with a valuable history behind and a potential future ahead. Our contributions would then offer our investors a growing and sustained profitability over time. We locate projects and companies in six strategic sectors: Restoration, Agri-food, Health, Tourism, Education and Infrastructure.
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