Investment Sectors



The continuous search for innovation and development in the food sector will allow satisfying new consumption habits of the next generation. In developed countries, there is a change in the way products are consumed. Our strategy is the commitment to innovation, creating unique concepts based on the health and quality of our food. More information


Today there is a growing interest in health and well-being. A conscious need to lead a healthier lifestyle that involves not only the concern for an adequate physical condition and a healthy diet, but also the improvement of the quality of life. More information


In a global market where the price is imposed over quality or the facilities of ecommerce versus personalized attention, there is a public that demands a service of advice and confidence when it comes to making acquisitions that can not afford a decrease in quality or safety. We maintain our attention in quality manufacturers that seek to gain a foothold and to make the potential customer aware of a guarantee of reliability in their products. More information

Transports and innovation

Efficient and environmentally responsible transports are synonymous of success. The sector already shows good signs of this trend with the irruption of electric cars. From ICW we are convinced that the margin of growth is still very large. Land, sea or air; The sector will suffer enormous changes in the future in a race to reduce costs and improve efficiency. More information
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