“Only fighting to change the world, your world, will you reach ultimate happiness”

– Luis Sans.

Do you want to join?

Do you want to join?

The entrepreneurial projects that can change the lives of many people while also being profitable, will manage to change the world

Tell us about your projects
To generate wealth does not give any gains to society and the spirit of men. That is why we conceptualized this project through our Dreammaker, which grounds itself on a mathematical base and a dream to achieve a CHANGE IN THE WORLD.
As a firm supporter of the Theory of Chaos and the Butterfly Effect, he believes that by developing entrepreneurial projects that are also profitable, one can change people’s lives while also changing the world.
We are capable of imagining an entrepreneurial system that is focused on being profitable but includes a DNA that forces it to achieve change in everything it is surrounded by. This is essentially the essence of ICW.


We firmly believe in a model that unites a system of research, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship for the benefit of all. We invest primarily in leisure, food, health, education and logistics.

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ICW has a mission to develop and stimulate ideas based on innovation within the business model. This mission has the aim to improve the lives of the three main participants of a business which are the clients, the workers and the suppliers.
We ground our model on a pioneer business plan which unites the scientific and technological research from universities, with the real world. This allows us to join the innovation, creativity and venture for the benefit of all.
FEncouraging awareness and a business plan for companies, to achieve an environment that stimulates the innovation of new goods and services that are more efficient and respectful towards our planet while satisfying our customers.


To consolidate businesses in the long term, we apply a management method that we call RIE which was developed by the founder of ICW

Our method
We are convinced that business has to be done with a set of ethical principles. We believe that the only way to consolidate a business in the long term, aside from fulfilling the set goals, is to apply a management method developed by the founder of ICW known as RIE. This method is based on the reinvention of the business through the innovation and entrepreneurship.
By applying improvements which will permit the company to obtain a project which marks a difference, we can make sure that our companies achieve success and stay within the time given. For that purpose, we create management teams highly qualified and motivated for each project, providing useful financial resources and solid institutional relations built throughout years of excellency and business management.
Beyond our needs and financial objectives, our great responsibility consists of improving the quality of life of the people that we can reach. This is set to be done through our CHANGE THE WORLD objective which brings change through small scale actions. We support projects with long term potential that will offer our investors a growing and sustained profitability over time.

Do you want to take part in changing the world?
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