“Only by fighting to change the world, your world, you will achieve full happiness.”

– Luis Sans.

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At ICW we create a space in which potentially successful business ideas converge with drivers of change.

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The mere generation of wealth as a sole objective does not contribute to the evolution of the humanity. We invest in companies that seek to change the world by focusing on improving the quality of life of the people who integrate them and to whom they provide services.
A firm purpose and a good strategy are keys to success. That is why we believe that the beggining of the journey does not matter as much as a well-defined road map. Small actions prolonged in time can come to revolutionize the way of living or conceiving today’s society.
According to the Theory of Chaos, in the context of a globalized society, if a project solves a need, a slight impulse to start a revolution can improve the lives of millions of people.

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We invest on a business model that combines research, creativity and entrepreneurship for the common benefitl. Our main lines of investment are agro-food, transport and innovation, health and retail.

Investment areas
ICW’s mission is to develop and encourage ideas based on innovation with a management model that improves the lives of the three large groups within the company´s habitat: its customers, its workers and its suppliers.
We believe that the change has to come from the generation of employment and that is why we invest in small and medium companies and also in new projects (startup) as long as they are part of the real economy.
At ICW we have the professionals to help these projects to take a leap in quality. We create an appropriate management model for each business and encourage innovation and active customer listening.

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do it”

– Steve Jobs.


We study the potential of the companies before every investment. Once a company qualifies to be a part of the ICW project, we give them the necessary impulse and the tools to grow to the next level.

Our method
We are convinced that companies must be based on principles and values ​​and that the only way to consolidate long-term businesses, in compliance with the short-term needs, is to apply an appropriate management method for each one, according to their nature and the market in which they operate. We also invest on the reinvention of business through innovation and entrepreneurship.
By applying improvements that make a differentiating project, we ensure that our companies are both successfull and with a strong future ahead. To do this, we create highly qualified and motivated management teams for each project, providing important financial resources and solid institutional relationships built over years of excellence in business management.
Beyond our needs and financial objectives, our great responsibility is to improve the quality of life of the people we can reach to achieve our goal of generating big changes based on small actions. We invest on projects with potential for the future that offer our investors a growing and sustained return over time.

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